A group project to create tangible realities contributing to changing the way we live, work, recreate and connect with others. In the Komfort Klasse group, the role taken was UX lead ensuring the proposed future of sustainability in reducing emissions was possible through a luxury cabin suite.
Located in the rear passenger seats of the Audi A7, a team has created an experience that extends to the corporate area of Australia, connecting the corporate with the industrial area. It accommodates a comfortable work environment whilst travelling to remote areas in response to the needed change for emissions produced by air vehicles such as planes. The solution provides features similar to the at work office whilst the comfort of being in the Audi A7.
The suite provides features such as a table to act as a small workstation that can be stowed away when not in use to its central position.
A partition has been added to act as a screen to block users when in the vehicle for privacy when using the headrests for long distances. It also acts as a spacing for a singular space.
With this, storage has been split into two sections; one for either occupant.
For the long distances, not only has headrests been added but a wireless charging pocket for your phone to allow for convenience and ensure your phone is charged on the journey.
Superjacent - BioPods
A group based project based on the benches located around University of Canberra to incorporate the environment around the campus and bring life through the housing of plants in an outdoor and indoor setting.

Renders by Paige Gurdler
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